Woke up about 5am with jetlag, got to sleep again and headed out around 10am. First stop McMuffin! Send stop the MTR to Diamond Hill then a short walk up to Chinlin Nunnery 志蓮淨苑.

The Nunnery is split across the main road with a overhead walkway linking the two sites so easy access.

The golden temple in the Nunnery

Chinlin Nunnery

The Nunnery is nestled amongst the high rise blocks of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Chinlin Nunnery

At the far end there is a waterfall and a waterwheel

Water Wheel at Chinlin Nunnery

On the other side of the road are the temples where you can pray to Buddha, there are also 4 ponds containing Lotus and other plants

Chinlin Nunnery Plant

After the Nunnery I headed back to the hotel to grab the tripod and have a rest as the jetlag was getting to me. 7-Eleven to the rescue, lots of gatorade and water.

so I set off out again on the MTR to Central then walked up past the Bank of China to the Peak Tram. Queued for a while as it was quite busy. Got off at the top and walked up to the Peak, quite a long way up. Lots of people with Tripods and a camera club also had an outing up to the peak. It was a bit hazy so not ideal, I shall have to return on a clearer night if one happens.

So the usual view from The Peak

Victoria Peak - Hong Kong

After the Peak I walked down to the Central Area just outside the MTR station. There is a display on at the moment as Hong Kong is hosting the East Asia Games next week, The HSBC building has a big neon sign on the sign of it promoting the games.

Hong Kong is Hosting the 2009 East Asia Games from 5th Dec

Outside the HSBC building is a display of drums for the games

Hong Kong is Hosting the 2009 East Asia Games from 5th Dec

After this I did a few tram trails then headed back to the hotel on the MTR.

Hong Kong Tram Lights