Was up early today to go out to catch some photos of the famous Hong Kong Trams. Started off outside the hotel on Hennessey Road while the morning light was right down the road before it was hidden by the tower blocks later in the day.

Hong Kong Tram and Bus

Hong Kong Trams

Then I took a tram to Tin Hau to visit the Tin hau Temple.

Firstly before I got there I had to have a crack at a busy crossing photo from the front of the tram. The tram was stopped while people get on and off but the tram rocks about making it hard to keep the camera stready.

Hong Kong Crossing From Top of a Tram

Tin Hau is a small temple, very old with todays blocks of flat now surrounding it.

Tin Hau Temple - Hong Kong

Tin Hau Temple - Hong Kong

Tin Hau Temple Hong Kong Praying at Tin Hau Temple Hong Kong

After Tin Hau it was back on the Tram HK$2 anywhere you like, bargain! This time it was further away from Wanchai to see the retired and dry docked Hong Kong Fireboat Alexander Grantham.

Fireboat Alexander Grantham

Fireboat Alexander Grantham, the largest in the fleet of fireboats, was built by the Hong Kong Whampoa Dock Company Limited in 1953 and decommissioned in May 2002, after 49 years of service.

The fireboat Alexander Grantham - Hong Kong

Measuring 38.9 metres long, 8.8 metres wide, 15 metres tall and with a loaded displacement of 511 tonnes, it has taken part in numerous fire-fighting and rescue operations, including the Seawise University fire in 1972, the Eastern Gate fire in the 1980s and the New Orient Princess fire in 1993.

Whilst on the Fireboat an old boat called Jimei left the harbour.

Jimei - Hong Kong Harbour

Guess what happened next……yes your right back to the tram! Stayed on this tram until the end of the line at Shau Kei Wan

Just across from the tram stop was a food market selling fruit, fish and well any part of the animal you can imagine including my particular favourite Chickens Feet. yummy! I obviously took the pic and moved onto the next stall which had freshly cut up fish. On closer look you the fish were sliced in half and you could still see the heart beating, not something you see everyday in the UK, although something you probably do see in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Market with Chicken Feet

Shau Kei Wan Market - Hong Kong

After this it was back on the tram to Wanchai and get some lunch and a rest.

In the Evening I went to Kennedy Town and Happy Valley on the tram, been on more trams today than enter in my life!

It was dark now and rush hour slow was a long journey through Central Hong Kong and the tram was packed.

Transport in Hong Kong at Rush Hour

Then that was that…one the way home some famous restuarant I think called Lung Moon in Hong Kong is closing down, lots of press and people taking photos, I haven’t a clue so you chinese speakers will have to help me out. Anyway I joined in the mass photographing session!

Lung Moon Hong Kong Restaurant Closing hong_kong_301109_evening_restaurant1

and that concluded Day 3. Tomorrow Ten Thousand Buddhas and other stuff which is yet to be decided.