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Kingfisher Photography Day

I recently took part in a Kingfisher Workshop Day in Droitwich Spa which enabled me to get very close to wild Kingfishers feeding on the river. Using a combination of a Canon 1Dx with 70-200mm F2.8 IS L, 300mm F2.8 IS L for the diving shots and a Canon 5D3 with the new Canon 500mm F4 IS L MKII with x1.4 MKIII for the perching shots.

The day was very overcast for the majority of the time but towards the end of the day we got some nice golden light which complimented these stunning birds.

The day began around 9:30 when we entered the hide, firstly lining up for the diving shots using the 300mm. As you can imagine this type of photography is very pot luck as there are so many factors you cannot control. Lucky for use we were treated to some early visits by the birds however the dives were not ideal for the classic photo poses. We carried on until after lunch before we changed the set up for the low water level shots using the 70-200mm.  Again very pot luck on where the bird exits the water, but I came out with some great shots in the end, which made it a good day all round.

My photos made the Daily Mailonline and also BBC Springwatch Unsprung on 30 May 2013 with this first photo.

Large version of all these images can be viewed on my Flickr Photostream



Wild Snakes in Surrey

I had heard about the location of some Adders in Surrey and having never seem a wild snake in the UK before I thought I’d go and explore to see it I could photograph these amazing reptiles which are the UK’s only native venomous snake.

Wild Adder Snake - Surrey

Wild Adder Snake – Surrey


Wild Adder Snake Surrey

Wild Adder Snake – Surrey

Wild Adder Snake - Surrey

Wild Adder Snake – Surrey

All photos were taken on a Canon 1Dx and a 300mm F2.8 IS L with either a x1.4 or x2 TC

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