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Milk Splash Photography Part 2

Carrying on the Milk Splash Theme.

I picked up a CD case and under it a black cloth. 2 flashes were used either side of CD case. I used coloured milk for the drops

Milk Splash Photography

Tonight I decided to crack open the food colouring again and try some Milk Splashes. I set up the Canon 1DMKIII and 100mm F2.8 Macro lens with a 580ex connected via the hot shoe cord mounted on a light stand to my left. I used a black and a white background.

Water Photography – Bottles and Glasses

Well the New Year is here and so is the cold weather. So instead of heading out in the cold I decided to stay in and have a crack at some indoor water photography.

So I cracked open the camera kit. Firstly 2 flashes, 580ex and SB-26, 24-70 F2.8 Lens,Canon 1DMKIII, Tripod and lightstand, and lastly water, food colouring and glasses/bottles.

I set the flashes up pointing at my white bathroom walls so it blew it out. The bottle / glass was above a plastic container to catch the water thats poured out, so you can re-use it.

Here are the results – Feel Free to email me if you need any advice.

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